Pointuras are giant spiders that roam the Nowem region. They're quick and easy with the poison, so keep some Cure Drops handy.

Upon defeating a pointura, you will recieve approximately 70 experience and 26 dagols. There's also a 20% chance of it dropping a Pointura's Thread, which is sought after by Christoph. Pointuras are of the Earth element. They completely resist poison, and they have a 50% resistence to both Death and Petrification.

Level HP Strength Defence Evasion Luck
9 185 56 35 34 88

Moves Element Range Power Other
Spider Net -- Long 0.7 Paralyze (1.0)
Posion Mist Earth Short 0.5 1~6 hits, Poison (1.0)
Bite -- Short 1.0 Poison (1.0)

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