Ganz under the effects of Poison.

When poisoned, your HP decreases at regular intervals. When someone is poisoned, green and purple bubbles will appear around their head and then they will be surrounded by a green fog. They tend to slump a bit when they're not moving.

Poison will continue after the end of a battle, so be sure to cure your comrades.

Curing and Preventing PoisonEdit

Cure Drops, Sage and Cleansing Stones will cure poisoned allies. Invincibility Medicine can protect you against poison for 60 seconds.

Skill-wise, Prevent Poison is good if you're about to face an opponent you know is good with poison, such as a black goblin. Stop Afflictions or Status Cure is better if you're uncertain or about to face an opponent that inflicts multiple afflictions.

The accessory Saint's Trophy will cure poison at the end of battle for anyone with one equipped.

The armors Absolute Guard, Robot Suit and Demon Mail resist all afflictions, including poison. The Wooden Breastplate resists only poison.

Inflicting PoisonEdit

Toadstool Powder is the only item capable of inflicting poison, but the following weapons have a chance of leaving an enemy with it: Grand Pike, Toadstool Lance, Grand Smasher, Rock Axe, Behemoth, Earth Chopper and Venom Sword. (Other than the Toadstool Bazooka, any toadstool weapon will inflict poison, although the lance is the only one Jack can equip.)

The skill Bad Carrier will randomly inflict an ailment on your opponent, including poison.

Party Members with Poison AttacksEdit

Of the people you can recruit, the following have attacks that can inflict poison: Adina, Clive, Dwight, Elena, Gordon, Grant, Morfinn, Bosso, Danny, Dominic, Doppio, Drew, Georgio, Jan, Marco, Niko, Pietro, Polpo and Ricky

Enemies that can Inflict PoisonEdit