Quasar the Gold Dragon, is the second of two dragons responsible for both the Humans,
Quasar 2

Quasar and Ridley

and restarting the world in the event of imbalance – the other being Aphelion, the Silver Dragon.

Little is known about Quasar, as it only appears at the end of the game, preparing to use Ridley Silverlake as its vessel, in order to exchange places with Aphelion. In the Human Path he will fail, due to Lucian's interfering. In the Non-Human Path, at the end when Jack and Ridley return to Radiata it is abandoned, it can be concluded that Quasar succeeded in preserving the cycle, and the humans, excluding Ridley and Jack have been destroyed.

After the main storyline, you can fight Quasar in the Distortion Corridor after facing the other dragons in the Dragon Lair Cave.



Quasar and Jack in the Distortion Corridor


Quasar head

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