Radiata City is the main area of the Human population. It is home to Radiata Castle, where the King and the Prime Minister live, as well as the official human army, the Radiata Knights.

Radiata is split up into four main neighbourhoods, referred to as 'Town's. There are four gates out of the city, the Lupus Gate which exits to the Adien region, the Heliforde Gate which exits to the Dova region, the Echidna Gate which exits to the Tria region and the Faucon Gate which exits to the Cuatour region.

Radiata CastleEdit

Black Town of Night and LustEdit

Path to the Beast PitEdit

(Between Blue Town and Black Town)

Blue Town of Water and Wisdom

Path of Insanity and FanaticismEdit

(Between Blue Town and White Town)

White Town of Stars and FaithEdit

Path to the SunEdit

(Between Vancoor Square and the Olacion Order Shrine)

Path of Swords and WisdomEdit

(Between White Town and Yellow Town)

Yellow Town of Sun and GloryEdit