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Radiata Stories: tri-Ace Sound Battle Collection

January 27, 2005


Noriyuki Iwadare, Motoi Sakuraba


Square Enix


Noriyuki Iwadare


The Radiata Stories: tri-Ace Sound Battle Collection is a compilation album made up of various battle themes from tri-Ace games. It was available to those who preorder Radiata Stories in Japan.

There are two different versions featuring different art on the CD. One version has Jack Russell, Claude C. Kenny, Fayt Leingod and Lezard Valeth along with Kelvin in the background. The other version has Ridley Silverlake, Lenneth, Rena Lanford and Sophia Esteed along with Parsec in the background.

Track ListingEdit

  1. - ~Encount~ (Radiata Stories)
  2. - STRUGGLE II (Radiata Stories)
  3. - For Achieve (Star Ocean)
  4. - Tense Atmosphere (Star Ocean)
  5. - Stab the Sword of Justice (Star Ocean: The Second Story)
  6. - Dynamite (Star Ocean: The Second Story)
  7. - Hand to Hand (Star Ocean: Blue Sphere)
  8. - Like the River Styx (Star Ocean: Blue Sphere)
  9. - Cutting Edge of Notion (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)
  10. - Influence of Truth Appearance (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)
  11. - Unidentified God Battle Syndrome (Valkyrie Profile)
  12. - Confidence in the Domination (Valkyrie Profile)
  13. - POWERFUL ENEMY!! (Radiata Stories)
  14. - BONUS TRACK (Extended version of "Highbrow ~Radiata Ver.")

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