"A disk containing sounds. Play on a phonograph. 78 RPM."
—Details Window

Records are in-game items that can be placed in a phonograph to play music from any area of the game. Phonographs are found in Jack's Place (pre-split and post-split, Human Path) or Fort Helencia (post-split, Nonhuman Path). Records can also be used to gain the friendship of Ernest and Martinez, who are both looking for the music of their opposite species, and Donkey, who wants you to buy every record he sells.

You can buy records from Chic Records in Radiata, Donkey in the Dorse region, and Pitt in City of Flowers. Some records can be won during battles, while others can be found by kicking things.
All the records that are sold can be bought for 1000 dagols, except for Earth Valley, which is only 200 dagols.
Other than Earth Valley, Ganz's Theme, Jack's Theme, and Ridley's Theme, all records can be sold back for 500 dagols; the above four can only be sold back for 100 dagols.

All of the records can be found on the Original Soundtrack, though they're called by different names.

Name Store Battle Drop Map OST Title
Aiden Region Pitt - -
Algendars Castle - Archdemon - Night Memories
Audience Chamber Chic - - Special Grace
Bandit's Theme Chic - -
Battle 1 Donkey - - STRUGGLE I
Battle 2 Donkey - - STRUGGLE II
Battle 3 Donkey - - STRUGGLE III
Borgandiazo Pitt - -
Coliseum Chic - - COLOSSEUM
Conference Chic - - Opinion Leader's Values
Conspiracy Donkey - - Approaching Threat
Defeat Donkey - - Lost Lost and Lost
Dichett Region Pitt - -
Distortion Corridor - Shrine Knight - Diffuse World
Dragon Lair Cave - Black Tiger -
Dragon Radian - Radian -
Dwarf Tunnel Donkey - - Underground Grinder
Dysett Region Pitt - -
Earth Dragon Attack Donkey - - Decline and Inspiration
Earth Valley Pitt - Earth Valley Artisan
Elf Region Pitt - Forest Metropolis Perpetual Unsteadiness
Ethereal Queen - Ethereal Queen -
Final Battle - Quasar -
Fort Helencia Chic - - The Boundary
Gabriel Celesta - Gabriel Celesta -
Ganz's Theme - - Radiata Castle, Ganz's Room Go Straight with My Brave
Goblin Haven Pitt - - IDLENG IDOL
Gold Dragon Castle - Wind Cell -
Invasion Donkey - - SELFISH RAIDER
Jack's Theme - - Jack's Place HONKY-TONK BOY
Mage's Theme Chic - -
The Night Halls Chic - - Silent Way
Ocho Region Pitt - - Death Trap Refrain
Opening Theme Chic - -
Payapaya Dance - Pinky - PAYA-PAYA
Priest's Theme Chic - -
Radiata Castle 1 Chic - - HOPPING SUN
Radiata Castle 2 Chic - - Gratifying Guest
Ridley's Sorrow Chic - -
Ridley's Theme - - Radiata Castle, Ridley's Room GENUINE GIRL
Sediche Region Pitt - -
Shangri La Pitt - -
Shrine of Fray - Crystaria -
Solieu Village - Adele - Unknown and Unnamed Spot
Tension Donkey - - Those With and Without Humanity
Uber-enemy 1 Donkey - - POWERFUL ENEMY!!
Uber-enemy 2 Donkey - - Only For You...
War Donkey - - The Struggle for Life
Warrior's Theme Chic - -

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