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Rika is a recruitable Dark Elf that lives in the Forest Metropolis.

Friends BookEdit

A member of the dark elf band with Martinez and Santos. She was originally a biological researcher, but after discovering the effect music has on living things, she joined the band. She has learned that some music has a soothing effect, and is now trying to use it to rid the world of war. She is very quiet and usually keeps to herself.

Recruit PartyEdit

Level: 19 Timing: After the Friend Tutorial (must be at least level 14)


Step 1: Talk to her in their bedroom. Take her quiz and answer three consecutive questions correctly. You can only take the quize once a day.

Questions Answers
Of what animal hair is a violin bow made of? Horse
What does ♪ signify? Eighth
What is the name of the famous green goblin guitarist? Donkey
What is the name of the music-loving light elf? Pitt
What does # mean? Half a note higher
What is the name of the famous dark elf percussionist? Martinez
What is the note that is half the length of a whole note? Half note
How many white keys are there in an octave on a keyboard instrument? 7
How many strings does a guitar have? 6
Which music is done in triple time? Nocturne
What is the meaning of Allegro? Faster


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Fireball Attack Fire Medium Elf magic is used to create fireballs to burn the foe. Blaze 1.0
Healing Restore None Single Ally Elf magic is used to heal party members with the help of earth spirits. Restores 20% of Target's Maximum HP

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