Ripple Bat

Ripple bats
are small bats that can be found pretty much anywhere in the world. They have a tendency to attach themselves to a member of your party and continue dealing damage to that person for a few minutes. There's nothing really to do about it but wait for them to come off. (Whether running around in circles helps get them off is not certain.)

Ripple bats have a 75% resistance to Paralyze and Bind, and a 50% resistance to Death.

Upon defeating a ripple bat, you will recieve approximately 22 experience and 12 dagols. There's also a 3% chance of it dropping a Cure Needle.

Level HP Strength Defence Evasion Luck
4 54 32 10 34 46

Moves Element Range Power Other
Bite -- Short 1.0 --
Sonic Wave -- Mid 0.4 Paralyze (1.0), Bind (1.0)
Blood Drain -- Short 0.8 Cling to Target
Blood Drain Leap -- Short -- Ignore Parry, HP Drain

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