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Lord Zane, Fairy Creatures


"Row is a Light Elf who likes to collect beautiful things and is always quick to find out if visitors have such objects. If they do, she is very good at cheating them out of their possessions. When she finds a treasure more beautiful than her own, she quickly becomes obsessed with making it her own."
—Friends Page Description

Recruitment Required Level: 24
Timing: After you've defeated Gawain How: Talk to her until she tells you about the Rainbow Crystal.
Collect the Rainbow Crystal from its chest in the Dorse region.
Give her the Rainbow Crystal.

Human Path Edit

It is highly debated whether the sprite looking up at Lord Zane as he is succumbing to algandars is supposed to be Row. In actuality, the sprite is that of Hap, but Hap's body was destroyed near the beginning of the game so it would be impossible for the light elf to be him. It is still unknown if the light elf sprite looking up at Lord Zane was supposed to have been Hap for reasons unknown or if it was intended to have been Row's sprite and the game designers made the mistake of putting Hap's instead.


Name Type Element Effect
Earth Needles Attack None Ignores Guard, knocks upward
Leaf Barrier Attack None --
Light Bow Attack None --


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