Salute Larks
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Radiata Castle




Prime Minister of Radiata & Commander-in-Chief of Radiata Knights



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172 cm

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Radiata Knights


Salute Larks (サルート•ラークス) serves as the Prime Minister of Radiata and Commander-in-Chief of the Radiata Knights. He has full control over the Royal Knights and seemingly the whole country of Radiata. Despite being a very intelligent and thoughtful man, he is a weak leader that is easily swayed by fools, such as when Jasne convinced him to fire Ganz and Jack from the knights and when Cross convinced him to allow a military build-up in Earth Valley that led to its conquest and the beginning of the war between humans and nonhumans. He is also slightly gullible, such as when Cross convinced him that it was General Dynas Stone that permitted the premature attack on Fort Helencia instead of him (Nonhuman Path). He also seems to not mind letting the politics of the nobles dictate his decisions for him, such as when he let Jack into the knights based on his famous father's name and when he fast-tracked Ridley's promotion to knight Captain based on pressure from Jasne, her influential father. For all his shortcomings, however, Larks was keen-eyed enough to suspect that there was more to Lucian than met the eye, but even with all of his political clout, he ultimately had to leave the saving of the world up to Jack and company.


  • It is one theory that Larks may in fact be king of Radiata, with Jiorus and his family being mere decoys. There are tiny indications that point to the possibility of this fact. The first is involving the letter from the dwarves. When Ganz indicates it is for the king, Larks says that it can be left with him. This is even more strongly portrayed in the manga, in which Ganz says the letter is for "His Highness", to which Larks replies, "For me? Then I will accept it.". Also, during strategical meetings where Jiorus is present, when someone asks for the input of the king (not saying Jiorus by name), Jiorus either is not the one who answers, or makes a simple comment before leaving Larks as the one to make the inevitable decision.

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