The Septem region is one of the thirteen regions that surround Radiata City, although it is not directly connected to Radiata. The Septem region is connected to the Adien region to the north and the Dysett region to the south-east. The Septem region contains the Septem Cave as well as Algandars Castle. There's also a couple of huts where Wal, Bran and Garcia live.

Mint can be found in this region, by the human huts, from 4:15 to 9:30. Louis can be found next to the bridge to the Dysett region from 2:05 to 22:00.

Items that can be found in this region are 2 Analysis Balls, a Sage, a Moon Stone Chip, a Mustard Powder, the event item Nightstone, the event item Pointura's Thread and the book Book of Fairies. Items inside Algandars Castle or Septem Cave can be found on their own pages.

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