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Shin is a recruitable character in Radiata Stories. He is a Light Elf who guards the entrance to the City of Flowers, alongside his fellow Light Elf friend, Fan. Like Fan, he consistently encounters Genius and continually denies him access to the City of Flowers.


Before the SplitEdit

Shin is first seen when the Rose Cochon Brigade attempts to enter the City of Flowers with the help of Genius. As Jack is about to walk through the crevace, Shin and Fan float down from above and demand to know what the party wants. Upon recognizing Genius, they send the group away and threaten to kill them if they are still there when they come back.

Non-Human PathEdit

Shin is next seen when Ridley attempts to enter the City of Flowers on her own. As Jack and Ridley prepare to enter the crevace, Shin and Fan sneak up behind them and hold Ridley at knifepoint. Zane approaches and declares that Ridley shall be killed as an ultimatum to the human race. However, Jack interjects and offers to conquer Fort Helencia on his own in exchange for Ridley's freedom. After Jack and Ridley are reunited, Shin is seen attending the strategy meeting with Parsec the next morning, seated between Gil and Row. Shin's final appearance comes when Parsec is attacked in Fire Mountain. Shin bursts into the meeting room and announces to Zane and Jack that Parsec is under attack.

Friends BookEdit

Shin is a Light Elf who is kind and warm-hearted to everyone except humans, whom he cannot stand. He tries to avoid all contact with them. Some say that he became this way because of a certain incident that occured when he visited a human village.

Game DataEdit


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Forest Drop Restore None N/A Restores 20% of Target's Maximum HP
Leaf Barrier Attack Wind Short None
Light Bow Attack None Long None


Name Element Description Effect
Grass Clothes Wind Made from cross plant seedlings. So light, you will forget you are wearing them. Resists Instant Death; Strongly Resists Poison, Freeze, Blaze, and Confuse


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
14 296 78 81 56 43
25 631 110 107 87 61
50 1392 183 169 158 102
75 2153 257 230 228 144
99 2885 327 289 296 183
Skill Skill Level
Earth Defense *
Thought Process
Passive > Passive > Passive

Kick Duel StatsEdit

Party Members EXP Dagols Dropped Items Dropped
Shin 274 136 Cooling Spray


A defensive character by nature, Shin is rather average when it comes to fighters. Unlike the majority of Non-Human characters, Shin possesses the ability to heal, making him a valuable commodity and a rare one at that. However, offensively, he is rather weak. His Attack stats are too low to make use of his Light Bow or Leaf Barrier for damage output. Still, if Shin is chosen to act as more of a medic, Light Bow can provide a bit of damage while he is waiting to cure wounded allies and Leaf Barrier can help keep enemies away from him, allowing him to stay alive and continue healing the rest of the team.



Level Timing
9 Defeating Gawain


Step 1 Talk to him and defeat him in a duel.
Step 2 Do this once a day for a total of four days.


Time Location
0:00 Flying
5:00 Private House
5:30 City of Flowers
9:30 Private House
12:15 City of Flowers
14:45 Private House
18:30 City of Flowers
22:30 Private House


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