Written Request
Smilodon Fang





500 Dagols per tusk

Map Location

Ocho Region


"Bring me smilodon tusks from the smilodons in the Ocho region"
—Written Request

Smilodon Fang is a solo mission you can take after the Crocogator mission with Jarvis. It is one of three jobs you can take right after the Crocogator mission, the other two being A Masterpiece of Fantasy and Beasts by the Bridge. Once you pick the request up from Thanos, you head for the Olacion Order to speak with Dwight. After a cutscene you head out towards the Ocho Region.

Job DescriptionEdit

Brave warrior needed to gather smilodon fangs. Needed to make Panacea. Come to Olacion for further details.


After the completion of this mission you are able to recruit both Dwight and his assistant, Grant.


To recruit Dwight enter the Confessional through the Mortal Tree Hallway of the Olacion Order between 6-10pm, and listen to Dwight confess to stealing the proceeds. Enter the Confessional through the entrance outside of Olacion and keep talking to him until he joins you.

Note: You have to enter the confessional during that time. You can not be inside or it will not trigger the event.


For Grant, simply talk to him and he will ask you to deliver Church Bulletins to the Void Community members Servia, Sonia, Lunbar, Silvia and Zeke. Once done talk to Grant again and he will join you.

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