Solieu Village is where Jack Russell, the protagonist is from. He has lived there with his sister, Adele, at least since their father, Cairn Russell, died, possibly longer. Adele live in the house to the left as you enter the village and it's the only one you can enter in Solieu Village. The other family is Sarval and Pommelie and their two kids, Sunset and Sora. Sarval is the son of Gonber, a villager in Tria Village, which is just to the north of Solieu Village.

In Solieu Village, there are a number of items you can get by kicking things, including a Defense Berry in the chest in your house's garden (you will have seen the chest in the opening scenes of the game, when Jack was leaving for Radiata). Out in the main part of the village there's also 1 dagol, and 2 Mustard Powders. Inside your house is a Bell Amulet, 1,000 dagols and one of the Piglets that Sarval will ask you to look for – the other two Piglets are on either road out of the village.

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