The Supply Store is ran by Theresa on the second floor of Radiata Castle. A Customer Information sign in the store describes the discount you get, depending on your class.

  • Royalty - 100% OFF
  • Aristocrats and Nobility - 60% OFF
  • 100 1375

    The Supply Store

    Generals and Captains - 50% OFF
  • Knights - 20% OFF
  • Trainee Knights - 0% OFF

When Jack reads this, he asks himself "why does everyone tries to take money from the people who don't have any?"

If you kick the statue to the left of the store you will find 5 Dagols.

Products soldEdit


  • In the Human Path, although Jack gets promoted to a Captain and has his own brigade, he is somehow not entitled to the 50% discount (or the 20% for that matter).

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