Written Request
The Alien Monster





10,000 Dagols

Map Location

Septem Region


"We've accidentally summoned something evil! Send a warrior to the castle in the Septem region."
—Written Request

The Alien Monster is a solo mission you can take after the Wind Dragon is slayed in the Human Path. Once you pick the request up from Thanos head down to the Septem Region and take the turn that comes just before the hunting village Garcia lives in. The entrance to Algandars Castle will be in the side of a large rock.

After a short cutscence with Ardoph explaining that, along with Dimitri, he modelled the four main elements and the two supplementary elements with crystals they obtained from the 23rd level of the parallel world Ardoph calls "Eastella." He asks Jack Russell to send the archdemon back to its world by destroying the crystal orbs.

When Jack voices his suspicions of the group of mages, Ardoph says that they are not bad people and that it was Void that asked them to decipher the seal of a certain crystal. They created a seal and were doing their research when the seal broke and the demon appeared.

Job DescriptionEdit

There has been an accident and we've summoned something evil... Please send one of your best warriors, NOW!


  • You will need to complete this mission to recruit Ardoph and Dimitri. Just talk to them and they will be added to the Friend List.
  • As with all solo mission, The Alien Monster needs to be completed to recruit Thanos during the Human Path.


  • If you talk to Ardoph before going further into the castle, he says he arranged the orbs in the wrong order and wishes he stole the information from Cecil's notes better.
  • This mission is the only time Black Mage Apprentice A, B and C appear.