The Last Word Book Store is a store in Radiata that is run by Cherie . The store becomes very useful after Jack becomes a captain in Theater Vancoor.

This place is usually stocked full of books that contain commands that are always useful in battle, and can range from new Links to healing abilities, such as Circle Song.

Just make sure you know what you're buying and why. Don't waste your money here, because it's very easy to do, especially with how expensive these books can get and how useless some of them might be depending on the path you take in the game. For example, if you chose the human side, don't buy books like Goblin Song. Make sure you know if that particular command, ability, Link, or whatever works on a human or a non-human.

The higher in power the book, the more money it costs, and The Last Word can drain out your wallet, and fast.

Like almost every shop in Radiata Stories, the Last Word Book Store is open during the day, but closes up at night. Surely by now you've noticed that time waits for no man in Radiata Stories, so in the late afternoon, if you want a book, tough luck.

Hours: 4:00~21:00

Items in this area: There is a Startle Powder in the decoration in the centre of the shop if you kick it.

Product ListEdit

Item Name Price (dagols)
Book of Bravery 200
Book of Desertion 1,800
Book of Spirit 2,400
Book of Restoration 12,000
Book of Awakening 1,600
Book of Infinity 1,200
Book of Temptation 1,200
Book of Pegasus 2,800
Book of Training 2,400
Book of Danger 2,000
Book of Energy 400
Book of Support 400
Book of Recovery 4,600
Book of Power 500

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