Tottaus is the name of the force governing the world where the events of Radiata Stories take place. It seems that Tottaus is meant to exist in a state of equilibrium between all the races, with humans serving as a force of imbalance; when this happens, the Dragons are forced to protect the Order of Tottaus.

According to Genius Weissheit, Tottaus was the name used to describe the world in olden times. Curtis also called the world by this name and predicted a great cataclysm, joining Jack Russell in order search the world and find a way to stop it. Interestingly, when Lucian mentions Tottaus in Larks' presence, Larks is unaware of the term, suggesting the concept is not the commonly used name for the world.

It would seem that Tottaus is protected under the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact that all members of the Pangalactic Federation have to agree to.

Its also implied that Tottaus exists alongside the parallel world Almuna and is connected via the Distortion Corridor.