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Transpiritation Ritual

Video of the Transpiritation Ritual

The Transpiritation Ritual is special ritual done by Light Elves in order to achieve immortality. It enables a dying elf to pass their spirit onto a another living elf.



Ridley and Hap laid out in preparation for the ritual.

As a result of the Blood Orc incident, Hap and Ridley were gravely injured. Lord Nogueira performed a Transpiritation Ritual, despite not knowing the result of the ritual between a human and an elf.

Due to the Transpiritation Ritual, Hap's spirit overtook Ridley's quite often. This can be seen in several points of the game.


  • It has not been confirmed if Ridley's fate to be Quasar's vessel was a result of the Transpiritation Ritual.
  • Algandars is the only disease that can stop the Transpiritation Ritual.

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