A Trent

are walking trees with holes for eyes and a mouth, branchs for arms and a nose and green leaves for hair. What looks like a kind of small rabit like creature appears to be controling the Trents from inside their mouths, if they fall out of a Trent, the Trent will do nothing until the creature is back inside the mouth. They attack by placing their hands on the ground and making a large pointed root pop out of the ground where their target is standing. Their element is Earth and they can be found in the Nowem and Dorse regions.

Trents have a 75% resistance to Poison and Paralyze. They have a 50% resistance to Pertification and Death.

Defeating a trent will give you approximately 117 EXP and 65 dagols. You have a 5% chance to get an Herb Extract.

Level HP Strength Defence Evasion Luck
12 302 220 71 60 34
Moves Elemental Range Power Effect
Trent Slash None Mid 1.0 --
Earth Needle Earth Long 1.0 Ignore Parry, Launch
Knothole Reply None Mid 0.3 1~3 hits
HP Heal -- -- -- Recover 30% Max HP

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