Tria Region is one of the thirteen regions surrounding Radiata City. It is connected to the city by the Echidna Gate to the east. To the north lies to Nowem Region, where the dark elves live. Solieu Village, which the protagonist, Jack Russell, is from, lies to the far west of this region, with Tria Village slightly to the north of it. A part of the Dwarf Tunnels comes out in this region, between Solieu Village and Tria Village.

Items that can be found in this region are two Analysis Balls, a Flee Ball, two Herb Extracts, a Sage, the weapon Spade, and two Piglets, which Sarval of Solieu Village will ask you for. Items in the villages can be found on their pages.

The map screen just before the bridge to the Nowem Region, near a copse of trees, is where the Tsuchinoko, an extremely rare and much sought-after monster, will appear when it is in this region.

Maps of this region:Edit

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