A Tsuchinoko is a type of snake in Radiata Stories. During battle, it will be poisoned, and will drop a Tsuchinoko Dumpling if a Cure Drop or Sage is used on it and it is allowed to escape. The Tsuchinoko Dumpling is needed to recruit Gobrey. Encountering a Tsuchinoko is also needed to recruit Yack.

After the Tsuchinoko is killed, wait until a game day that is a multiple of 10. The Tsuchinoko will appear in one of the following locations for two days before switching to another area:

  • Tria Region - At the end of the road that leads to the Nowem Region-Tria Region bridge.
  • Nowem Region - Underneath the big log in the area with the waterfall.
  • Cuatour Region - From the Faucon Gate, take the path that branches to the north (before Fort Helencia). It will be near the end of this path near the big tree.
  • Elf Region - On the screen where the Crocogator was fought, go past there and go right at the fork in the water. It is found at the end of the path near the chest (this is the same location where JJ is found during the Nonhuman Side playthrough).
  • Ocho Region - Go north at the first intersection (transitions to a new screen that leads to a dead-end with a chest). It spawns midway from where the party enters the new screen and the chest at the dead-end.
  • Septem Region - Go past Septem Cave and Septem Village, into the screen where Rocky Mayvern is fought a second time.
  • Dorse region - On the screen before the area that leads to the Goblin cemetery, go left all the way. It spawns along the path where the Rainbow Crystal is found.
  • Fire Mountain - In Parsec's Chamber.

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