Written Request
Vexatious Vermin



Vareth Institute


3,000 Dagols

Map Location

Vareth Magic Institute


"Please rid the cafeteria of rats!"
—Written Request

Vexatious Vermin is a solo mission you can take after Sheila is taken into quarantine. Once you pick the request up from Thanos, head for the Vareth Magic Institute to speak with Roche at the front desk. After a cutscene, Daniel joins your party and the battle with the rats starts. After the first quick battle, another cutscene starts where Jack and Daniel chase a Tawny Rat into the sewers for another battle with more rats. After the battle, the Tawny Rat gets away and Jack splits the pay with Daniel.

Job DescriptionEdit

Rid the cafeteria of rats so the students can eat lunch in a sanitary environment!


This is the last mission you need to do to recruit Elena; tell her sick brother Nalshay about the Crocagator, Smilodon Fang, and Vexatious Vermin missions on three different days, then talk to Elena.

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