The Violet Chevre Brigade is a Brigade of Radiata Knight's lead by Captain Natalie Nanette. The brigade has done many escort missions for the Dwarves and have earned their trust. The Rose Cochon Brigade took the place of the Violet Chevre during one such escort mission. During that mission Natalie, with the help of Leonard Ford, followed them to make sure nothing happened to Ridley Silverlake at the request of her father Jasne Colton.

In the Human Path, the Violet Chevre is part of the war effort, and is present at the Battle of Lupus Gate. Natalie and Leonard also make a failed attempt to bring Ridley back to Radiata Castle, but Gawain Rothschild defeats them.

The Violet Chevre is featured in the Fairy Path, stationed at Fort Helencia. Natalie and Leonard, believing that Jack has kidnapped Ridley, attack him before he can explain himself. The Violet Chevre is then defeated by Jack Russell and the Light Elves, forcing them to withdraw. They presumably fled Fort Helencia when the fairy creatures captured it. Natalie and Leonard later observed the skirmish in front of Fort Helencia.

Violet Chevre means Purple Goat in French.

Known MembersEdit